Sunday, 12 July 2009

Concerning "The Touch" (a little late, but still...)

So, "Sam's Theme". (Just to clue you in, this is Stan Bush reworking "The Touch" for the Latest Transformers Movie)

I cannot bring myself to provide a link, as it pains me that he has lost the touch. And yet, for all this talk, there is still affection.

I mean sure, we've raged, and this new madness is no reflection of the thing that meant so much in our childhoods. But this song, this song! Even if this new recording is Heresy and flame (and it certainly is heresy), we will always have the original. Look upon this for yourself.

We do not speak now of what is, for it is monstrous. Let us instead remember the glorious days of what has gone before, and rejoice for the lives of those long past, and the days when we had the touch.


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