Saturday, 21 April 2012

Because Poetry is Awesome.

“So What *About* Me?” By Simon J Broome.

“So what about me?”
I’m British, y’see.
And Born and raised male,
Still living off parents at 32. Fail!

Hiding behind a shield of Fears,
It’s served me well for 20-odd years.
What’s a Funkyman to do?
“This world was not meant for one such as you…”

Do I want a job?
Do I want love?
Do I want to bond to the heavens above?

Terribly sorry, I only know me.
But part of my pain is in Kyriarchy.
Disdain for the world, sown from school.
5 years of hell, because I couldn’t play it cool.

And then there was IT.
the Terrible tale of a singular shit,
Whose life I would gladly end.
Or the nerve of the Scar-maker that though to call me “Friend”.

Grudges and bitterness colour my view,
If you have problems, then I feel for you.
Though my prosaic inelegance doth show,
If e’er you met me, a Gentleman you would know.

So what *about* me?
What quality to see?
I’ll do what I must,
And protest I’m not controlled by lust.

Since I’m called away to lunch,
I’ll eschew the traditional punch,
and End by simply stating,
Much as I can…
“I AM A MAN!!!”

Crossposted from my comment at NSWATM, a fine masculism Blog.

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